October 4 Weekly Newsletter


  • We are at a YTD best 6th for NMS Tier 1 stocks in the latest FINRA ATS weekly statistics for total traded shares (https://otctransparency.finra.org/otctransparency/AtsData).
  • We closed September with our best week ever for daily matched shares, driven by record matches in orders that were tagged for display on our free market data feed, IQX.
  • Displayed orders on ASPEN^3 saw their highest hit-rates ever in Q3 as subscribers continue to find unique spread saving liquidity. Last week, displayed orders were priced better than the NBBO 43% of the time on arrival for a spread savings of close to 30%.
  • Please contact the desk for more information on getting IQX - it's available directly or through Exegy, MayStreet, Redline, and ACTIV.

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