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Imperative Execution is the parent company of IntelligentCross US Equities ATS - the first venue to use artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize trading performance. Its matching logic minimizes market impact and adverse selection, enabling tighter spreads and advancing market efficiency.

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Top-Rated Venue on Market Impact

The results are in. Three separate, independent brokers have conducted execution quality studies based on their own trading performance data, with each finding a significant reduction in their trading costs when using IntelligentCross.


What's That You Say?

"For the third quarter of 2020, Bernstein has traded $2.2 billion through IntelligentCross Midpoint, saving roughly $400,000 in post-match market movement at 20 milliseconds after the match, computed as the mid-to-mid markout for all their trades."

Nataliya Bershova, Ph.D.
Head of Execution Research at Bernstein

"Our analysis indicates IntelligentCross provides consistently superior prices compared to the best quotes available on U.S. exchanges."

David Taylor
Exegy Chief Technology Officer

“We’ve been trading on IntelligentCross since it launched and have found it to be a significant value-add for our clients. In terms of improving execution quality, they are without question doing what they set out to do.”

Brian Bulthuis
Head of America Quantitative Trading Strategy, Instinet


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