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Imperative Execution is a financial technology company that creates trading platforms that adapt to market conditions using artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver superior trade execution. In 2018 we launched IntelligentCross, the first US equities ATS that uses AI to systematically reduce the largest costs of trading: market impact and adverse selection.

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Top-Rated Venue on Market Impact

The results are in. Three separate, independent brokers have conducted execution quality studies based on their own trading performance data, with each finding a significant reduction in their trading costs when using IntelligentCross.


What's That You Say?

"AI is well suited to disrupt the status quo in equity trading because of its unique characteristics: readily measurable performance, well-defined investor objectives and a history of accepting technological disruption. The time is right for an AI-driven ‘smart venue’."

Rob Hegarty
CEO, Hegarty Group

"Slippage from trading execution remains a significant source of market friction. We believe Imperative’s alternative trading system has the ability improve execution performance across the equities markets, resulting in greater buy side performance."

Pete Casella
Head of Investments, Point72 Ventures

"Reduction of implicit costs is almost always cited by the buy side trading community as one of their most pressing objectives. IntelligentCross’ use of AI to address this issue is one of the more novel approaches we’ve seen, the early results seem to be validating their approach."

Larry Tabb
Founder and Chairman, Tabb Group


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