ASPEN displayed quotes:


The IntelligentCross® ATS is a US Equities venue that uses A.I. to improve your trade execution — automatically minimizing market impact and adverse selection at match time.

TOP 10

ATS by FINRA volume


% less

market impact in Intelligent Midpoint2

2 bp lower

adverse selection in ASPEN3

Get the most out of every trade.

The AI-powered matching engine inside the IntelligentCross® ATS is the first of its kind. It matches orders at optimal times, calibrated stock by stock, to trade close to fair value. So the market is unlikely to move against you or away from you as you trade.  Our AI system is adaptive – it measures its own trading performance and learns to work better whatever the market throws at it. It’s a new category of venue to optimize your trade execution.

A new kind of displayed liquidity.

The best quote on the market more than
2.4M times/day.

Uniquely tight spreads.4

Unparalleled (Out) performance.

Massively lower market impact.
lower than exchange average.2

Take price discovery to a whole new level

  • 22% average ASPEN spread improvement vs the NBBO.5
  • 4,000+ securities in ASPEN with displayed liquidity (on average).6
  • 35% of ASPEN displayed orders improve the NBBO by at least one tick.7

Why make a venue 'intelligent'

Traditional venues require investors to have sophisticated and expensive infrastructure to trade at fair value and to minimize signaling.  With the IntelligentCross® ATS, we’ve put the sophistication into the venue, where our AI-calibrated matching process enables investors to achieve high execution performance with much less effort.
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Bank of America
Credit Suisse
DASH Financial Technologies
Evercore ISI
FIS Brokerage
Fidelity Capital Markets
Fox River Execution
Global Liquidity Partners
J.P. Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Piper Sandler
RBC Capital Markets
Raymond James
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co
Virtu Financial
Wells Fargo