It’s time for a
smarter trading venue.

Every basis point of execution performance
saves investors $10 billion/year.

   Exchange Performance
+ Breakthrough AI
= Minimal Market Impact
Minimal Market Impact Efficient Market Minimal Trading Cost

Your Partner in Great Execution

It shouldn’t be this hard to trade well.  We created a venue with a smarter matching process that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically minimize market impact and adverse selection – the largest institutional costs of trading.  Leading trading firms are using IntelligentCross to do larger trades at lower cost.

Unparalleled (out) Performance

Assumptions:  Comparison of market impact in Midpoint vs Exchange average midpoint 20 ms after trade.

Why make a venue 'intelligent'?

Traditional venues require investors to have sophisticated and expensive infrastructure to avoid trading at stale prices, avoid getting picked off, and to minimize signaling.  With IntelligentCross, we’ve put the sophistication into the venue, where our AI-calibrated matching process enables investors to achieve high execution performance with much less effort.
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Request access.  We work with leading brokers:

Bank of America
Credit Suisse
DASH Financial Technologies
Evercore ISI
FIS Brokerage
Fidelity Capital Markets
Fox River Execution
Global Liquidity Partners
J.P. Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Piper Sandler
RBC Capital Markets
Raymond James
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co
Virtu Financial
Wells Fargo
Intelligentcross  optimizes order matching and help you reduce market impact and adverse selection while maximizing liquidity.
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1. Estimated savings to investors due to lower market impact using the value traded on IntelligentCross ATS since launch.