Market Update


Navigating Volatility: Insights on the Q2 Selloff

By: Patrick Dote, Head of Research, IntelligentCross
Key Takeaways:
  • Heightened volatility in Q2 2022 has widened spreads and made quotes less stable, thereby increasing the implicit costs of trading.
  • However, the availability and relative quality of intraspread liquidity—including midpoint—has remained consistent while savings in basis points has increased.
  • Talk to your broker about how they configure their algos, and if they would consider overweighting intraspread order placement as a possible way to reduce trading costs.
Regulatory Update

Court Denial of Exchanges’ Petition on Market Data Infrastructure Rule and Other Developments to Watch

By: Ari Burstein, General Counsel and Chief Policy Officer, Imperative Execution

SEC Chair Gensler Speech on Equity Market Structure Reform

On June 8, SEC Chair Gensler laid out a framework for long-awaited SEC reforms to equity trading and market structure. Chair Gensler appeared at the Piper Sandler Global Exchange and FinTech Conference, giving a speech entitled “Market Structure and the Retail Investor,” which was followed by Q&A.

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Updates also on:

  • Confirmation of Jaime Lizárraga and Mark Uyeda as SEC Commissioners
  • House Financial Services Committee Meme Stock Report
  • SEC Spring 2022 Regulatory Agenda/SEC Commissioner Peirce Response
  • Responses to Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Rule 606 of Regulation NMS

A Note from the CEO

I talked trading performance and market trends at STANY 2022, with CBOE’s Adam Inzirillo moderating. I enjoyed the conversation with fellow panelists Jessica D'Alton of UBS, Jesse Grief of OneChronos, and Kimberly Russell of State Street Global Advisors.

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