August 9 Weekly Newsletter


  • We opened August with the highest hit-rates of the year across Midpoint and ASPEN.
  • Notably, we also had our highest YTD hit-rates for ASPEN orders tagged for display on our free full-depth market data feed, IQX.
  • Last week we set daily matched share records for ASPEN in general and displayed liquidity in particular as the platform traded over $2.6 billion per day single sided.
  • Market share continues to climb to new records and has grown over 2x since January for both ASPEN and the platform overall.
  • Our subscribers continue to improve their execution performance by accessing our unique liquidity. Last week our displayed orders were priced better than the NBBO around 40% of the time with savings of approximately 30% of the spread.
  • Please contact the desk for more information on getting IQX. It's available directly or through Exegy, MayStreet, Redline, and ACTIV.

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